Cabin in the Fall


   ...I hope to see you while I'm passing through. And I hope you will send me on my way ..., after I have first been reenergized by some time in your company.
                                    Romans 14:24

     Beaver Creek Youth Camp & Christian Retreat features 8 rustic cabins, each with 12 twin (bunk style) beds.

Bunks in Spruce



   Thick mattresses, screened windows and doors, and electric lighting make the cabins comfortable places to retire after a busy (or relaxing) day.



   The cabins are arranged in two loops, four in the boys' loop and four in the girls'.

   Each loop has a shower/restroom house. Partitioned shower stalls with curtains and individual toilet stalls provide privacy. The showers have comfortably warm water.

   Girls Loop
Boys Shower House